Scholarship Competition Rules & Regulations

We would be happy to support your construction education with our scholarship program. Please review the eligibility requirements below and submit your application for the upcoming semester.

First Time Applicants
Competition Rules & Regulations
Undergraduate Scholarship Program

1. Eligibility

The applicants shall have graduated from high school or be working in one of the eight counties served by the CentexAGC Chapter: Bell, Bosque, Coryell, Falls, Hamilton, Hill, Limestone & McLennan.

These will be for current college undergraduates who are pursuing an accredited two year or four year degree in a construction related field.

2. Requirements

Applicant is responsible for providing the following in one packet:

  1. Completed, four page application
  2. Personal resume
  3. Essay why applicant is pursuing construction education (1 page max)
  4. Letter of support from current professor/teacher
  5. Transcript of college grades (unofficial is sufficient/include spring grades)

3. Deadline & Address

First time applicant’s deadline for Spring is 30 November and Fall is 31 May.
Please submit electronically to

4. Awards

Fall awards will be made after 15 July and Spring awards after 15 December. These are one semester awards. Subsequent awards will be based upon “renewal” submission and competition.

Subsequent or “Renewal” Awards

1. Requirements
Once a student is accepted into our program only two things are required each semester:

  • An updated transcript, (unofficial is sufficient), and
  • A report on that semester’s activities and plans for the next semester. The report can consist of a paragraph or two regarding significant events, classes taken, any internships, and courses for the upcoming semester.

2. Deadline & Address
The Spring deadline is 15 December and Fall deadline 15 June.
Please submit electronically to

 If you have any questions regarding the Scholarship Application, please contact K. Paul Holt, President/CEO at 254.772.5400 or email us at