CentexAGC has the only Plan Room in the Central Texas area

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You can now check out our new Virtual Plan Room by contacting the Central Texas AGC at 254.772.5400 or email at kpaul@CentexAGC.org.  Then, from the comfort of your own office, twenty four hours per day, you can check on our receipt of new plans and addenda. Our Virtual Plan Room contains every single project in each AGC News Service PLUS projects from West Texas AGC and the AGC of Southeast Texas. Every project in our Central Texas Chapter Planroom is scanned and available through cProject.

This will provide up-to-date data on:

1. Projects in the Planroom
2. Bid dates, times and addenda;
3. Table of Contents on Specs & Plans; and
4. Actual Plans, Specs and Addenda available on-line for subscription fee.

The Plan Room is available from Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Plans are available for overnight check-out from 5 pm to 8 am, OR you can visit our online plan room hosted by cProject at your convenience.

Spanish Language Construction Handbooks Available

The Chapter Office now has on hand a pocket sized guide to command Spanish for the construction site, “Spanish Words for Commonly Used Construction Terms”. They are $7.49, plus tax. Would you be interested in attending a six week, twelve session class on “Command Spanish”? If so, please call the Chapter Office at 772.5400. MCC is offering this class, and we are considering having them put on an “AGC” class.